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Welcome to Mercenaries Deck Battle


This is a new deckbuilding game based on the forum game Mercenaries.  To get started, why not check out the Rules or Glossary?  There's also a Card List in progress once you have the idea of things.



Mercenaries Deck Battle is a spinoff of the forum game Mercenaries, created on Board 8 of gamefaqs.  As with its inspiration, players will build a team of video game (ish) characters, use their unique abilities, and argue their effectiveness in fights against other teams.  The twist for this game is that it will take the format of a deckbuilding game, drawing particularly on Dominion and Ascension for inspiration.  It is designed for long-term play with roughly 10-40 players via message board, but requires only minor adaptations in order to play face to face, or with as few as two players.  Each turn consists of a match between two players.


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